My name is Zechariah Shown. That's 'Zechariah' like the Old Testament prophet, and 'Shown' like the 'O' is actually an 'A'. Yes, Zechariah Shown is pronounced, "Zak-uh-ri-ah Shawn". 

Zack is also fine. 

The world is big. A lot of it is still beyond us. This means there is no one discipline or track of study which will explain things for us. Each discipline potentially has something to contribute. 

I am an investment professional, but have a background in ministry as well. In fact, before I got into financial planning and stocks and bonds and such, I was a pastor. I have a degree in economics, and have also helped to plant a church. These things pretty much explains my writings here. 

I'll do my best to find the compelling places faith and economics intersect. Once we've found those places, we can probe them for lessons to learn - things we can internalize which might matter in our lives. 

I am married to Terri. Together, we have four kids (Chloe, Abigail, Isaac, and Leah), a dog, and a cat. (Chloe also has three mice, so there's that). We live in central Missouri near the Lake of the Ozarks.